Another person attempted suicide over lover – by Winning11

So what is the deal with people trying to off themselves over a heartbreak, I mean we have all had our own share of heartbreaks that does not mean we should all drink ‘Sniper’ or rat poison or any other deadly substance!.

Earlier in the week a lady who was dumped by her boyfriend drank Sniper; a very corrosive insect killer, the latest news about the lady is that she now has a heart problem due to this laughable act and now the estranged man came to see her in the hospital, please dear lady this does not mean he is coming back. And no! Don’t think it’s only the lady folk that are susceptible, Today the police found a man who drank rat poison cos his fiancé dumped him a week before their wedding.

Please don’t think me callous, I have had my heart broken a couple of times but it didn’t make me suicidal, if you have got your heart broken (I really don’t know why the phrase heart break) cry yourself a river if you have to, get sick, get therapy (dats extreme tho), drink it out (beer or ice cream), fling the glass cup on the mirror ( I have always wanted to do that) do whatever to get over it because the gospel truth is the other person might not care whatever happens to you! Plus time sure heals all wounds.

In conclusion, there’s this yoruba proverb which says: “For Any lady/man that kills his/herself over a (wo)man, thousands of people will pass over their grave” and spit on it I daresay!

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