Basketmouth blast PDP – by Winnie11

Award winning comedian, Basket mouth seem to be tired with the
constant criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari by the former ruling
party, PDP, the ever hilarious man has taken matters seriously when he
took to his IG page to call the bluff of the PDP to let the new
president work and in his words “we voted a president, not a

I think he spoke the mind of many Nigerian youths who are
tired of the incessant bickers. Would the PDP heed to this warning and
stop nagging the new president of just 2months?!,
I mean they had their 16 plenteous years of inactive government.
Would their candidate refuse the acquisition of new armored cars?
or take the lackadaisical behavior of the Nigerian
embassy in Saudi Arabia, who treated the first lady and her children
with no iota of respect but went on to care for the former vice
president who is of course a PDP member?.

Now while the APC seem to be disappointing their ‘fans’ with rift at
the centre of it’s leadership, they should get it right and make us
feel democratic again.

Question is: How many celebrities will be able to follow Bright
Okpocha’s footsteps and be able to use their influence in the world to
counter these politicians, so as to get to the Nigeria of our dreams?
When all they did during the campaign was support these politicians,
sang, attended dinner parties and praised one person over another only
with their pockets on their minds!.

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