Dear Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of coza

I am writing you today because I am a Christian myself. I am not writing this article to attack you; on the contrary, I am writing it to wake you up from sleeping in these dark hours. Jesus asked His disciples to pray, but they went to sleep instead. Believers have gone to sleep spiritually worldwide, especially in Nigeria. I want you to be awake to righteousness – (1st Corinthians 15:34 says, “Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame”). I want to help you in the spirit of meekness – Galatians 6:1.

I saw a lot of tweets and Facebook posts by Nigerians expressing their disgust about the all white yacht party you did in Dubai. What is most worrisome is that the (touch not my anointed) believers won’t tell you that you are glamorizing the ministry by putting your lavish lifestyles on display and deceiving lazy Christians that the party in Dubai is what God wants, what God can do, and what God has provided.

You may ask why Nigerians are so angry. – Everybody wants nice things, right? And what better way to get them if God does it for you? Pastor Fatoyinbo, it is true that there is nothing wrong with having nice things. Everyone loves to have more and live a richer life but is that the only reason why we (should) go to church? We should also go to church because we love God, desire to worship God, draw closer to God and are in fellowship with other believers.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo with  Mike Murdock, Tye Tribett and other guests

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo with Mike Murdock, Tye Tribett and other guests

Your followers have defended you as expected – that most people who are frustrated by your unnecessary display of wealth are those who are struggling to get by day to day, trying to make ends meet, save enough to meet their needs and that of their families. Therefore, they are the ones finding it hard to digest your lavish lifestyle. How do we digest your lavish lifestyle ehn, knowing that you and many so called men of God are able to live this way because of people who give monetarily to support your ministry? You think anybody likes to feel like they are being hustled or pimped by their pastor for profit? People love God enough to give and trust that their money will be used to touch lives and souls with the Word of God and not to be used for throwing lavish birthday parties in Dubai.

Pastor Fatoyinbo: If you are going to build your own “kingdom,” do not build it on the backs of hardworking people who really just want a more intimate relationship with God and believe that you can point them in that direction. Don’t “floss” on the people; it is wickedness. It’s as if you’re saying, “Look at what I bought myself with your money. Don’t you like it? If you want it too, pray about it!”

Guests decked in all white

Guests decked in all white

American rapper Kanye West said in one of his songs, “I’ve been talking to God for so long, if you look at my life I guess he’s talking back.” But today, he is telling us he is Jesus “Yeezus”. He has deified himself. Pastor Fatoyinbo, your party in Dubai also suggests that you are deifying yourself, and on your own Yeezus tour, getting high on your own supply. Jesus said, “If I be lifted up.” (John 12:32) Unfortunately, you “with your lavish lifestyle” are lifting up yourself and making golden calf idols of your possessions. Pastor Fatoyinbo, unless you willfully left heaven to take on human form, lived out a nomadic ministry on the margins, was crucified for your ministry, died, was buried, then rose again — sorry to say, it’s not about you.

Your followers are defending your frivolities arguing that pastors are people too, human and flawed. Of course, they are. But as a pastor “you don’t show people your wounds, show them your scars.”You do so as evidence that the journey with God brings about healing and transformation. People need and want to be whole. The question Jesus asked was “do you want to get well?” (John 5:6 NIV)

Pastor Biodun and guests dancing

Pastor Biodun and guests dancing

Christians often ask why Davido and Wizkid and entertainers should be the only ones with Bentleys and mansions. First, Bentleys and mansions don’t measure the quality of one’s life. Secondly, entertainers are people selling what people choose to purchase — music, movies, etc. As ministers of the gospel you are not selling God and faith. The Gospel is free. The Bible is not the best-selling book in history because it has a good price point. It’s because people want to know God and know God loves them. Yes, there is a business side of ministry but literally for God’s sake, keep it to yourself. You don’t have to throw lavish parties as evidence of how much money you make. It only perpetuates the negative stereotypes true believers are constantly trying to disprove. Your expensive all white birthday party has only made people who are leery about church say “shebi I told you so.”

The mentality of most Nigerian believers that being rich and thinking money sets you free, gives you peace of mind and eliminates injustice, is a lie of the devil. Assimilation is not liberation. You can have all the things you want and still not be whole. The true test of how you live your life and success is what will be written in your obituary. What will people say about you, and what you did with your life? I’ve yet to see an obituary list all the expensive items someone owned. So, Pastor Fatoyinbo, go on your knees and cry to God for forgiveness.

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  1. anderson andycole Reply

    hmmmm !!!!! oga pascal ring the alarm,, people do say many things about u, asin the way u criticise and many people do say u don’t have manners, but when I came to know u @ agidingbi, I saw that not in you all I know and even your songs do speak the truth… As for this pastor the kindom of God is not milk and honey, actualy he dose not understand been born again. We where called christian why, because When the people saw the servant and the children of God in antioch they where amaze and they thought that this people behave like christ.( W W J D). Means WHAT WILL JESUS DO… Will jesus act the way he acted, there was a revelation that was revealed that 1 to 2 years no soul entered heaven, I believed that very much cos everybody want to get the modain things of life. Seek ye first the kindom of God and his righteousness every other things shall be added onto u… I pray God should open he’s eyes to see beyond……..good morning

    • Anderson, tnx for your comment.. having a wrong impression about someone is understandable.. i have been in that place several times myself … i am glad you met me (although your name here makes it hard for me to remember the occasion) and you can tell if i am indeed manner-less… on this issue of pastor Fatoyinbo of COZA, i believe Nigerians, especially a lot of us Christians are the most ignorant people since Adam and Eve.. and these so called men of God know this and are cashing in on it…

  2. OfficialDJMP Reply

    Truth is bitter bro… Buh keep speaking we love it!

  3. rotimie Reply

    Why are you trying to touch the anointed?
    Didn’t Jwas throw a lavish party at the last supper? It’s just that he only invited his disciples and they shared only one biiiig bread and one cup of wine. He himself said ” greater things ye shall do if you believe” is the Dubai all white party not greater ?

    • Prince Reply

      @ Rotimi, why are you sounding like a novice. Have you forgotten what the bible says ‘Let Your Moderation Be Known To All Man’. Seriously speaking, I’m disappointed in Pst Biodun… Many of our so called Psts have lost it. Heaven is no more in their view. And to you Excetera, keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Your article though understandable is one sided. I’m not a follower of COZA neither do I make excuses on any ones behalf, but I also like to see informed perspectives. I have personally voiced concerns about this lifestyle but far from such an elaborate public article because frankly I’m without facts to make such a detailed statement. Etcetera have you visited his church? If not then you don’t know what else he’s possibly doing for the congregation? He’s flashy, he has a lot of possessions but you don’t know the possible hours he spends ministering to his flock in other ways, you also don’t know if he has personal businesses that yield return.

    My point: speak throroughly only when you have all the facts otherwise some day you may have to chew your words. One might also question your sincerity for writing such controversial articles and eventually starting a website of your own if not for the eventual return of making profit from high traffic so in other words to butter your hustle in the long run? I’d also ask that you genuinely check your motives for writing and repent where they are false. I wish once in a while you’d write on your scars that would make us believe you as a more credible source for wisdom on right living.

    If you haven’t walked a mile in another mans shoes, don’t conclude to know his motives or reasons for doing what he does. Dig deeper. Think harder. Speak only on what you’ve verified.

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