Igbo men move against high bride price for igbo girls

So igbo men don finally admit say igbo girls too cost? —- We thank God oooo — say their eyes don dey clear.. Hmmmmmmm!!!

How can you collect 2.5 million naira CASH from Chinedu for Ify’s bride price because she has a doctorate degree from university of Awka —- A couple of weeks later, Ify was caught cheating with Ogonna —- Ehn, i go carry cutlass for the two of dem straight-up —- 2.5 million naira wey reach to take buy land for the new promo wey dem dey do for Ibeju-Lekki new site, naim una collect from person hand for bride price? —- We never even talk of the 38 pieces of London wax materials and 24 guinea-brocade wey una say him must buy complete – or the 200 tubers of yam nkor and two white He-goats + one okada and two wheelbarrows wey dey for the list? Chinedu even complete her papa house wey the old man don abandon for over 20yrs – and on top of all the plenty money + other things, Ify still cheat…


That some igbo men have started using POS to collect bride price is not surprising —- and from the look of things, we will definitely get the point where igbo men will have ATM machines in their living rooms —- The groom may run out of cash —- and Of course, you can’t use that as an excuse with Mazi Ogaranya.

Over the weekend, former Military governor of old Anambra State, Col. Robert Akonobi (rtd), pleaded with Igbo parents to reduce the bride price of their daughters so that ‘’our young boys can marry them.”

“To me, this topic (bride price) has been dealth with in the past by Ndigbo, who came out with a reduced bride price, to enable our young boys marry our young girls,” Akonobi said.

Akonobi also cautioned that men should study their proposed wives closely and longer before engaging into marriage because “once you marry, no one else can put it asunder.”

He spoke at the industrial city of Nnewi, Anambra State during the traditional wedding ceremony of the daughter of a business mogul, Chief Louis Onwugbenu, Onyinye and her husband, Bosah Chukwuogo, over the weekend. Also, speaking, Mrs. Onwugbenu expressed gratitude that her daughter’s hand was given out in marriage and prayed that her in-laws who came all the way from Awka to marry her daughter, would go back home safely.

Father of the bride, Onwugbenu, in his own speech, said he had already blessed his daughter and her husband to go and make a good home. On the bride price controversy in Igbo land, Onwugbenu declared:
“We do not charge money as bride price for someone to marry my daughter. To me, what is important is that my daughter should live in peace with her husband. Let her husband’s family members accept her as part and parcel of their family.”

Hmmmm, Oga i hear you… you did not charge money kor.. abegiiii.

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  1. Winning11 Reply

    Thank God they have come their senses, it’s been terrible. I mean

  2. Yahgozie Reply

    Since when did corrupt practice borrowed from outside became omenaaniigbo ? Igbo pay bride price but not for business or expensive, most case ego Ayala is used, something one can’t use but as ancient value, until we return to omenala things will continue to fall apart.

    We need to stop borrowing culture and obey our ancestors and G-d.

    How about asking why umuada now borrow Yoruba culture called asoebi?

    Marriage is the first principle law given to igbo by G-d, omumu na uba, nwaoke nwaanyi.

    Do you remember the above saying? The foundation is omenaaniigbo

  3. Eno Reply

    Many Igbo girls are still single due to this money/bride price wahala. Haba na… They should be realistic so their daughters can marry before menopause. That’s why I love the yorubas; they don’t stress their inlaws and are cooperative when marriage issues arrive… Godbless

  4. Duncan Daniel Reply


    Although it is not all the Igbo (culture) that fix their marriage bride price at the highest pyramid or peak….. to divest their in law to be…

    But some do… the cause is that they are ignorant about what the future would bring or may be!!!!!

    Marriage is not an investment or divestment at the starting point…

    It is a “Supernatural Precious JOURNEY”..

    which would later bring joy to you as both parents and grand parents if nurtured in Godly principles…

    (sometimes some parents out of ignorance deliberately fix and compare their Daughters bride price to that of a Crude oil, Gold or Diamond.) hmmmm

    My opinion is that for the Igbo side or Communities that are still practicing this highest standard of “Do or Die Radical Bride Price” should consider that… the only things for them to do in order to rescue their Men back to their beautiful Daughters…. is just to review their marriage bride price to a modern standard cos the world is changing…. so if what use to perfectly work for you in the past is not working accordingly again for you… all you need to do is to review and adjust your plans for positive result…. don’t be STAGNANT.. cos it is a SIN again your personal, societal, Ethnic, National and even Spiritual development….

    For example… there is a country in between Europe and Asia called…. Azerbaijan…. in this country it is mandatory for every Man/Youth to marry before 30 years old or else? The family or society may come up together to marry a Wife or Husband for you weather you are financially capable or not… so the issue of I don’t have money to marry have been resolved…

    To be continue…

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