Need a back-up singer? —– call DBANJ

//Like the stars in the sky, there is an expiration date for every celebrity out there. If you are lucky, you enjoy a gradual and comforting decline in popularity as you exit the limelight. But for Dbanj, the journey into mediocrity and obscurity came all too fast. It remains a mystery to a lot of naija music lovers, that someone like Dbanj, who began his music stride with no problem, couldn’t stop himself from falling down the mountain just when all thought he has reached the peak. Although people fall from grace to grass all the time, but it is looks like Dbanj is rolling on the grass and really enjoying it.
There was a time when Dbanj was, for all intents and purposes, the biggest celebrity in naija. Yes, he was more popular than plantain chips. Until he got into “Double wahala” with Oritsefemi, which is one of the many distasteful colabos or backup singing he has done.
What led to the koko master’s downfall is hard to pinpoint, although it may have been in a wrap of marijuana somewhere. Joke or not, that’s a rough spot to be in. //

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  1. Miss John Reply

    I don’t think Double Wahala was that bad. My personal opinion though

  2. stoshi Reply

    Double wahala aint bad buh d remix is…..its so clear dat dbanj was dbanj bcos of don jazzy, without d DON, hez just oladapo

  3. dafydy Reply

    The remix wasn’t dat bad na

  4. Voltron Reply

    Nothing is wrong with that song at all…… You guys should stop trying to drag him down.
    There are several wack songs out there that you can pick to criticize. Haters!

  5. kizz Reply

    The remix was terrible

  6. CCCondMIC Reply

    Abeg make una chop bread leave packaging

  7. Dj teebase Reply

    I though I ws the only one who thinks that remix was wayyyyy too awkward…..thumbs up etcetera!!!

  8. Jeff Reply

    he wanted fame. he got it. he wanted more.
    he’s greedy. his latest songs are all just wack

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