Our artistes now invent lies

Ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to the new game in town. For better or for worse, our music “industry” is embracing a new form of art. The focus has shifted almost entirely from making music to something else. Now the transition is finally complete and the sync word here is LIE. In Nigeria today, every artist needs a “lying” platform – or three, to reach their target audience. Years back, radio used to be the dominant “platform” for breaking new artists, you may say it is still important, but the radio is certainly no longer the only game in town. It is becoming simply too limited, too expensive and too difficult to control to be the sole platform. A better and surer way to expose the artist to the public has been discovered. Now the artist with the biggest LIE has the bigger and better head start.

The Nigerian music “industry” has now brought a vast array of gifted liars. We have seen managers lying blatantly about the activities of their artistes just to be noticed. So far, it is working for them here in Nigeria. Our gullibility has made it too easy to become an artist here in Nigeria. What was your reactions when Burna Boy tweeted about his new songwriting deal with Universal Music Group? Did you notice how the blogs went gaga congratulating him? If truly Burna Boy got a deal, why didn’t Universal Music Group issue a statement to that effect? Well, stranger stuff has happened.

Isn’t the Nigerian music “industry” at risk with this lying game taken to this new level? Is it no longer worth noting that the actual quality of the artist’s songs should be a predominating factor in a decision to recruit him as a songwriter? Why are we acting as if we don’t know that Burna’s songs won’t find many readily available patronisers outside the shores of Nigeria? If they do, they can only be appreciated by only a few Nigerians. Even in cases where there is a proven audience for a particular artiste’s work, it is not enough to make it a big deal to corner a deal. As a musician reading this article, would you approach Burna Boy to write you a song? Judging by what you’ve heard from him so far! If you can’t, why would a foreign company with a long list of songwriters employ him as a songwriter?

One reason why there are no record labels in Nigeria is that a lot of our music stakeholders are sentimental in their approach to the business. The guys at Universal are not jokers. They are strictly in it for the money. They don’t attach sentiments to their dealings. They know that songwriting is not actually a business. There’s no financial element attached to songwriting in itself. It is the job of the music publisher to turn the song into something that can generate income. Can Burna’s song guarantee the kind of financial returns we are talking about here? How many CDs has he sold in Nigeria as an artist? I am not talking of the free downloads of singles on blogs, but the copies of actual albums he has sold. How many people have his album in their homes? The pink and brown contract sneaked up on us on instagram could have been printed at Oluwole. Until Universal Music Group authenticates these claims, everything Burna has said could not be true. It is a shame that Nigerian journalists will never see it necessary to investigate any issue before plastering it all over their platforms. I was on set on Nigezie, shooting the Etcetera Live TV show when the producer asked if I heard about Burna Boy’s new deal with Universal Records. Right there and then, I went online and checked the authenticity of the story. The first thing I checked was if Universal Music Group issued any statement to that effect. I wasn’t surprised that the story could only be found on Nigerian websites. The websites of Universal in America, South Africa and other countries had nothing suggesting they have anything with Burna Boy. Their facebook pages said nothing too. There is an official statement on every deal they have made. It is the norm with every recording company in the world. You employ a songwriter who is like a talent magnet; a record maker. Someone who brings forth the talent in the singer. Someone whose role is to write songs that define the artistes and give them a reason for existence and you keep that under the carpet? It doesn’t make any sense. The truth is, there’s no song of Burna that suggests he is anywhere close to being the kind of songwriter we are talking about here. This guy sounds like he doesn’t want anyone to pick out his lines.

Finally, it is very important for all those with music interest to note that in this new LIE eco-system of ours, there are three things a musician needs, and his success or failure can be predicted almost entirely on the basis of how many of these three things are in place. If you can provide a clean sweep of three out of three, like Burna Boy, you’ll likely be signing a record deal with Universal Music Group even without being able to hold your notes vocally. If you’ve got two out of three, you will probably get an offer, like some other artistes have claimed at different times. Though it might not be exactly the deal you were hoping for. Bring only one out of three and the best you can hope for is a polite invitation to come back sometime in the distant future. So here are the three things every Nigerian will pay for – the essential components to a successful “Music Career” – 1.LIE, 2.LIE and 3.LIE!

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  1. preciousong Reply

    its a long time coming for u etc as I ve always wanted u to ve ur own blog where you tell the hidden truths people always know but tend to overlook.
    Back to ur topic,Am a gospel artist and the more I try to follow the trend of music in Nigeria the more I get deluded and surprised at the things I see most times thats y I take succour in the hands of occidental music because they know exactly wat they r doing over there
    the kind of songs that make e waves in nigeria cant and dont stand the test of time like we ve abroad.
    songs from my lil experience shud ve at least gud lyrics that portray a message dat the writer wants to convey, perfect sound mixing etc but the more I find these things in nigerian music, the more I get disappointed.
    only wat is obtained down here are glorified noise well put together by some “crafted” hands, no gud voice testure as can be confirmed by there life performances the list is endless
    I rest my case.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Is this the precioussong of “neche neche”? I love that song honestly. Its my best gospel song of all time keep it up.

    • Olaplenty Reply

      Truth be told, there are a lot of average Johns in the Nigerian music industry besides Burna Boy thinking they are the real deal. In saner climes, most of them wouldn’t find a producer willing to touch them wit a 10-foot pole. You hear and watch stuffs on the media tht makes u cringe. Burna boy doesn’t sing, he, he hums like a bee, May D’s talent isn’t singing but dancing and while D’prince would do better as a model Orezi shd open a Bureau DE change biz ASAP.

      • Invincible Reply

        Thank u dear. BEST POST I have read in a while.
        Favourite words ; cringe, 10 ft pole.

        You spoke my mind

  2. Shaba Reply

    Wow, thought I was the only one that was seeing it this way, as a OAP and also a pro DJ that I am, I haven’t seen or heard any extra ordinary work from Burna Boy that makes him different from the day to day 9ja street musicians. EtC weldone my brother

    • Anonymous Reply

      I’m also a Dj for me burna boys songs are unique I can’t do a mix with involving him. He has awesome tracks and lyrics. He’s a ROCKSTAR

  3. Hocee Reply

    wat to do…….make dem dey lie dey go oooo…….

  4. ✖️✖️micasa Reply

    Yo nigger, u need to stop hating on mandem If u don’t show no love
    Stop writing shits thinking you are Mandela of our time
    Go write a book a something
    You just a fuck boy

    • O. G Reply

      Straight up!!

    • Peterflames Reply

      Wow wow wow thank you kindly boss ,much love .it not easy saying the truth in this side of the world. because you will be nailed to the cross ,people will call you names .like enemy of progress ,haters etc . Some of the media guy spreading The lies knows the truth .it so funny the implications is the very upcoming should see him as another standard for international market like asa. The lie is killing the morals of upcoming artist please old men stop the lies .longlife Etcetera Staff. More. wisdom #Peterflames

  5. badejo tosin Reply

    Music is the combination of organised sound and lyrics in the manner that is agreeable to d ear buh what we hav now is good combination of sounds, thanks to our producer but no single message from their lyrics.only few among all we can boost re we going to continue like this.

    • QUENCHAM Reply

      truth is always a problem to nigerians,so because ETC has decided to reveal a simple truth about this liar,that is y u call him hater or what?u urself hate progress,because lie can not take u anywhere…..NA SO UNA DO FOR BUHARI,TILL HIM DEFEAT UNA …NA LIE UNA THINK SAY UNA GO TAKE DEY WIN OR CHOP OR FOOL PPL ABI?

  6. Imoletide Reply

    I don’t know what you have with Burna Boy,everyone knows he sings like a buzzing bee and thats what ‘some’ Nigerians want to hear,if you say thats the trend,you should give us like 3-4 examples of artistes who does this(who lies),if it is only Burnaboy u can use as example then your opinion doesn’t matter.

  7. Joezy Reply

    you stupid son of a bitch trying to get famous by writing shit about burna boy…..hey ETCETERA burna boy is way better then many international artist….i guess you just listen to song without noticing the lyrics

    • T. Reply

      Did you just say he’s better than many international artistes?? You clearly don’t know a good number of international artistes. While this post is somewhat condescending(as majority of his posts are), there is undeniable reason in what he’s saying. I actually didn’t think of it this way even though his approach is not exactly favourable. And to people like this Joezy guy (who PROBABLY doesn’t have anything going for himself), please think before you display your ignorance. Off all things to be on the internet, being ignorant is the worst (next to being stupid).

  8. Modulus Reply

    Investigative journalism doesn’t exist in the profession of most Nigerian journalists. Simply because they benefit from the same brand of LIES to attract readers.

  9. Andy pounds Reply

    u just need to shut your entire self up
    Not only your mouth
    What the fuck do u think they are
    They worth anything they say they’ve gat
    So fuck u
    Because u are just trying to pull down their stars wich is not possible

    • Invincible Reply

      Stop talking like a Nigerian who does not think, like your politicians. Argue on issues, do not go around insulting people.

      Incase you do not know the issue; it is the fact that the information about Burna Boy seems untrue. There, argue.

  10. rotee Reply

    Hahahaaa dey don open Burna yan$h

  11. Olagunju Rotimi Reply

    Don’t blame the hype, its the society we have found ourselves, muscians simply give to the society what they want, off course money is the motivating factor, in the today where money rules, who cares about good muscic but some of us still do, Nice write up

  12. cutex Reply

    obviously from the type of reply I am reading, I can tell d kind off people who find Burma boy interesting, entertaining and unique

  13. unidentified Reply

    Dis is actually true! Bt u shuld identity others as well(nt pikin on one) .we d listeners shuld nt only demand commercials, nd producers shuld encourage lyrical content as well

  14. Anonymous Reply

    I like ur write up thumps up

  15. The World needs more love. Reply

    Sometimes I agree with you Etcetera but most times, you just come off as a hater, bitter & vindictive. This is one of those times.
    While your views may be valid, what inspired them? Look at this long article talking about lies & the industry & all I see is Burna Boy. Smh
    Hater. 🙂

  16. Anonymous Reply

    stupid guy…..you no get sense….y do u keep on hating on successful artists…go find something else instead of beefing man. if na lie go lie. pls don’t try seeking for attention on beefing my nigga Burma boy

  17. Anonymous Reply

    stupid guy…..you no get sense….y do u keep on hating on successful artists…go find something else instead of beefing man. if na lie go lie. pls don’t try seeking for attention on beefing my nigga Burna boy

  18. Moccasin Reply

    Hey, Etcetera, I don’t care about Burna Boy but you need to check what you said about songwriting not being a business. Look it up. Even in Nigeria, artistes such as Sound Sultan and Blackface have made something from writing songs for other singers, let alone in the US where a lot of writers are behind the scenes making a living from songwriting. A lot of those famous international stars would be nothing without the songwriting machines behind them. C’mon, dude.

    • Songmistress Reply

      I agree with you Moccasin. Songwriting is big business with plenty of royalties to be earned. Some songwriters earn more than recording artistes in the western environment.

  19. wendy Reply

    You failed as an artist, you’re also failing as a blogger. You need to put on your thinking cap and discover what your talent is. The anger keeps burning you up and it’s showing.

  20. sydneyshocker Reply


  21. Anonymous Reply

    how many album u sold wen u were in the industry? u think hating dem wil mak u popular? u also go and lie nw if it easy.y did u quite music for writing of articles ?

  22. Maxz Reply

    so u also lie on their lies

  23. Some body Reply

    Get a job Fuck off… You can also lie and lie lie too and make your money … Na lie dey bring money this days ooo

  24. Nazzy.Mc Reply

    sup ppl, I’m Nazzy.Mc. An upcoming artist. let’s not judge dis talent cos we re no better dan any. If we keep going towards dis direction (hate) we will only lose focus on wat needs to be done. Let’s show love to one another. personally I love burna’s work wat ever he does to reach his goal shouldn’t be our concern for now but encourage him d best we can. Keep supporting us cos we can’t do without u visit http://www.facebook.com/Nazzy.Mc to listen to my songs Onelove produced by Pennytee and I like am produced by chillings. Pls drop ur comments about my works for d sake of moving f
    Forward God bless us all

  25. krouche Reply

    Its obvious you know next to nothing about music

  26. krouche Reply

    Its obvious u know next to nothing about music

  27. Lyrikul Reply

    U ar nt but a fool tryin to get fame…u ar a goat,fowl,cow. etc lyk ur name

  28. wale Reply

    i guess this is how u plan to become successful u talk plenty u should go write a book cus u hating on others makes u look like a sadist

  29. iamoghale Reply

    D music industry the world over still use this same lie comparatively to their advantage. This write up was badly written cos you didn’t pinpoint one aspect of Burna’s work. If it was just his purported deal fine, if it’s his lyrics n soundtrack that’s fine too but that’s based on some technical issues like mixers, amplifiers that were used during production. Besides ur pick on Burna is cos maybe he seem d easy target. i have heard crap songs from Wizkid, Davido n d likes and they are as faulty as Burna. So in essence, Naija music is naija music like it or not. Indians don’t sing like d Americans, do they? So let’s enjoy our heavy bass n no lyrics.

  30. Fortune Reply

    Apparently some Burna Boy social media militants are trying to clog this wonderful piece with derogatory comments…Oga God bless you for this article…more ink for your eleganza or na bic you dey use…I like that you hit your colleagues square on the head for not investigating or doing some follow up on the news stories they publish…How can Burna Boy get a record deal as a Song Writer with Universal? Song writer for which Market? That guy won’t make the list for Naija’s top 10 Songwriters…May God deliver us from the lies they invent by the minute

  31. Anonymous Reply

    Its show biz, sometimes you lie, sometimes you bend the truth, but dude, all I am getting from you from all this articles is hate… Dont be a certified hater bro

  32. AKAY Reply

    Its show biz, sometimes you lie, sometimes you bend the truth, but dude, all I am getting from you from all this articles is hate… Dont be a certified hater bro

  33. Anibalba Reply

    I had to google Who is etcetera..

    ass-holee 😞😒😁

  34. Anonymous Reply

    Men ur just a washed up artiste who couldn’t make it in d industry withu type of songs,now ur beefing every other artistes’s success,its no ones fault that ur music didn’t make it,u have to realise that and stop dhate,be happy nigerians are getting recognition out there.stop d hate!

  35. emeka Reply

    Just a shame that many of us can’t see, listen, and ponder! Universal would have signed TU BABA, FAZE, Sound Sultan, Yinka Davis, Asha, and co but definately not the likes of Burna Boy na!! This one na big fat lie na

  36. Oluwakemi Reply

    There is nothing wrong in changing one’s interest.If Etcetera feels he will excel more as a music critique,so be it.It doesn’t matter whether he sold a copy of his album or not.I bought his first album and I like it.

    Nigerians generally do not like to hear the truth. Anything goes in this country.I think we should have more music critics to keep the industry sane.

    The only point I do not agree with is that Songwriting is not a big business.It is! Some songwriters even make more money than the recording artistes in countries where the royalty system is intact. Songwriters wrote some songs for great musicians like Bob Marley, Brandy, Beyonce,etc.

  37. Raw Reply


  38. Came To Rant Reply

    I read this entire post with utter disgust for the blog writer. This was posted by B-Mouth on FB. You are a straight up hater. Burna Boy is good artist (not particularly “great” but who is?) have you heard Soke? How dare you? BTW I live in the states and HE is one of my favorite artists. Nigerians artists are not perfect but writing crap about someone you’re jealous of is just low. This isn’t even criticism; you never cited any other artist who lied about being signed – you only went out of your investigating the man’s claims.
    Shame. On. You.

  39. Yousef Reply

    Etcetera is just a hater. He likes to sound informed whereas he is half-assed informed.
    Most of his posts are just sadistic. I am just finding out that he was a musician. Never heard of him before.

    Next thing I read is ‘Dangote can’t buy Arsenal FC’, ‘Burna can’t secure a SongWriting deal with Universal’

    The fact that etcetera didn’t achieve much success shouldn’t make him always write that other people can’t.

    I think this article was written just to lash out at Burna. Burna isn’t the best out there but he is a great entertainer.

    Artists lie, Business people lie, bloggers lie. All over the world! So, don’t make it look like it’s a Nigerian artiste thingy or a Burna thingy.

  40. Yousef Reply

    If Etcetera can’t make it in the music industry, no one else can.

    If Etcetera’s dad can’t buy Arsenal FC, no Nigerian businessman can.

    If Etcetera’s presidential candidate can’t win the election, the winner mustn’t swear by his own religion’s sacred book or forgo the office.

    What’s Etcetera’s real talent?
    Music (did he succeed) ?
    Blogging (will he succeed)?

    I case my rest. I pen my drop. I comment my reserve.



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